How to Connect Xbox One to Bluetooth Gaming Chair

How to Connect Xbox One to Bluetooth Gaming Chair- 4 Easy Ways

Bluetooth gaming chairs can take your gaming experience to a whole different level, especially if your chair has advanced features like built-in speakers and vibration. These revolutionary chairs connect to your gaming console and allow you to stream sound and music directly to the chair’s speakers so you can enjoy a realistic stereo surround sound experience. But what is even better is the vibration and bass features that move and buzz while you play the game. With one of these chairs, you will truly get lost in the game and you will never want to get out again.

The only issue with Bluetooth gaming chairs is that they can sometimes be difficult to connect with gaming devices. If you want to know how to connect Xbox one to Bluetooth gaming chair then you have come to the right place because, in this guide, we offer helpful tips and steps to get you connected in no time at all. 

What is a Bluetooth Gaming Chair

Bluetooth gaming chairs can vary in design but many do look like your standard gaming chair or office chair. These chairs do however come with some electronic interface that allows you to connect the chair wirelessly to a TV set or gaming system.

It is very important to note that Bluetooth gaming chairs are not entirely wireless. Your chair will still rely on certain wired connections like a power cable to a power supply for electricity in order to function. The wireless or Bluetooth compatibility is simply between the chair and the Bluetooth receiver on your gaming console.

The features of these computer chairs can vary quite a lot. Some of these chairs have simple features like a built-in sound system in the seat and backrest while others can have more advanced features like lumbar heaters, adjustable armrests, a back massage function, an ergonomic design, or additional vibration motors and Bluetooth-enabled vibrations that simulate motion while you play. Most electric gaming chairs are also headphone compatible so you can enjoy gaming without disturbing others. 

How to Connect Xbox One to Bluetooth Gaming Chair

How to Connect Xbox One to Bluetooth Gaming Chair

It can sometimes be tricky to get your wireless gaming chair connected to an Xbox One gaming console, especially if you don’t have an Xbox gaming chair or have some unknown chair brand. 

Most chairs that are HDMI compatible are pretty easy to connect but chairs that have an RCA connector can be a bit more complex. Let’s take a quick look at the top ways to get your chair connected so you can start playing your favorite video games.

Set up the Wireless Connection

The easiest way to connect your gaming chair to the Xbox gaming console for fun game sessions is by using its Bluetooth technology. Wireless connections are also pretty convenient since you won’t have to struggle with any messy wires in your setup that you can accidentally yank on when you get excited about the game.

The biggest issue you will have with this type of connection is getting your Xbox One gaming console Bluetooth-compatible. Yes, you heard right, Xbox One does not support Bluetooth. But you can still get it connected with the help of a wireless transmitter. Here is a quick look at the right steps to help you get set up. 

Step 1 

First, get a Bluetooth transmitter for your Xbox device. Bluetooth transmitters usually have a USB port so you can easily pop it into the console. This transmitter also comes with built-in software that will automatically install so you can easily convert devices like computers or gaming consoles into Bluetooth devices.

Step 2

Next, you will need to connect your chair to a power outlet. Turn on the chair and make sure that it has power.  

Step 3

Next, you will need to connect your gaming console to your TV. This is usually done via HDMI-HDMI cable.  

Step 4

You will need to connect your Bluetooth gaming chair to the TV set. This is done by using a 3.5mm – 3.5mm audio cable. Yes, your chair is supposed to be wireless but this wireless interface still needs an actual connection to some power source like the TV since the wireless connection occurs between your chair and the console and not between the chair and the TV.

Side note

Not all TV sets have the same audio outputs. TV sets that have analog audio output or a headphone jack can easily be connected to gaming chairs since most of these chairs are designed to be compatible with these ports. But if your TV set has optical digital ports or a coaxial digital audio jack then you will need an adapter and adapter cable to get your Bluetooth receiver connected.

Connect via Wired RAC Connection

Bluetooth connections are always more convenient but wireless isn’t the only way to go. If you don’t have a Bluetooth receiver or just don’t want to go through the hassles of getting it set up then you can still use the old-fashioned wired connection.

For a wired connection between gaming chairs and Xbox One devices, you will need two B3 barrel adapters and you require two  3.5mm RAC cables. Gaming chairs are often sold with these RAC cables as well as adapters included in the set.

Here is a quick look at the steps for getting your console game device connected.

Step 1

First, you will need to set up and connect your Xbox One to your TV set. This step is likely already completed if you used your Xbox before. 

Step 2

Next, use your B3 barrel adapters and set up the RAC cables., The audio wires need to connect the chair to the TV set. This is usually done by plugging the green wire jacks or barrels into the TV’s audio output port while the white and red jacks are usually connected to the chair’s control panel or electronic unit.

Side note

For some TV sets, you might require additional adapters since the ports might be different on these TV sets. Some also might work better with a USB cable.  

Connect via AUX cord

If your gaming chair somehow didn’t include RAC cables then you can also use an AUX cord to get your chair connected. This method is very easy and you usually don’t need to have any adapters. You only need a TV set that has an AUX jack (most do) and an AUX cord

Here is a quick look at the steps for connecting your chair.

Step 1

If you haven’t set up your Xbox gaming console just yet then it is time to do it. The Xbox One console should be set up on your TV set before you start.

Step 2

Once your Xbox is up and running, you can use the AUX cable and plug it into the chair’s control panel. From this point, you should lead the cable to the TV set and plug it into the TV’s headphone jack. 

Connect via HDMI Cable

You can also use an HDMI cable to connect your gaming console to your gaming chair. All modern flat-screen TV’s come with HDMI ports and Xbox is also manufactured with these ports built into the console. You should however check and make sure your gaming chair is also HDMI compatible. This is pretty easy to see by checking the ports of your gaming chair.

Here is a quick look at the steps for this type of connection

Step 1

First, set up your Xbox to TV connection by using the HDMI ports. 

Step 2

Once your gaming console is set up, you can connect your chair to the TV. To do this, grab your HDMI cable and plug it into the TV ports. From there, the HDMI cable should lead to the gaming chair and should be plugged into the HDMI port on your chair.  

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to connect Xbox one to a Bluetooth gaming chair, you can finally start having fun with more realistic gaming sessions. And if you don’t have a Bluetooth gaming chair with built-in speakers just yet or if you are looking for some other quality gaming chair then you should have a look at some of the other guides we have on Chairs Wiki. With our chair site, you can find a good seat for any gaming room, office, or home space. 

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