Best Small Corner Chair for Bedroom

5 Best Small Corner Chair for Bedrooms

Lots of people love corner chairs because these chairs hug your body firmly.  Corner chairs or roundabout chairs are very popular in bedrooms.  Their angular back allows you to lean back and they are comfortable to sit in.  These decorative chairs are also loved because they are usually highly fashionable.  The small corner chair for the bedroom is all you need to add if you want a stylish and comfortable bedroom.  

The Best Small Corner Chair for Bedrooms or other Rooms

There are quite a few different types of corner chairs available on the market.  Here is a quick look at some of the best ones you can get right now. 

1. The Yaheetech Accent Upholstered Club Chair – The Overall best roundabout chair for bedrooms

Best Small Corner Chair for Bedroom The Yaheetech AccentThis accent chair is our top pick because it is the strongest, it is comfortable, affordable, lightweight, and ideal for that unused corner in your bedroom. It is also a great chair to create extra seating in other rooms or offices.

The comfortable chair can handle a weight of up to 300 pounds since it has a strong manufactured wood frame. It also features a modern design that will look great in most bedrooms, offices, or waiting areas.

It is very comfy to sit in because the velvet fabric is soft and warm to the touch and the chair has lots of thick padding all around your sides and back. The padded armrests are nice and high so they can reduce the tension in your shoulders and they form part of the backrest. Lots of people do recommend getting a removable cover because the soft velvet upholstery can be difficult to clean once it becomes messy. But this touch of texture can make bedrooms feel very warm. 

This lounge chair is small enough to fit into tiny bedrooms. It is also a great barrel chair to get for your office since the floor-to-seat height of 17.7 inches is very practical. Alternatively, you can look here at Top 7 Best Serta Office Chairs – Ultimate Review, to find something better. 


  • Weight – 26.8 Pounds
  • Weight capacity – 300 Pounds
  • Color – Gray, black, white, dark grey, matte black, and navy blue
  • Main materials – Velvet fabric upholstery with solid hardwood legs
  • Floor to Seat height – 17.7 Inches
  • Seat size – 18.9 x 19.9 Inches
  • Back size – 18.5 x 11 Inches
  • Armrests – Padded armrests included
  • Foot type – Solid wood legs
  • Additional features – None


  • The roundabout back makes for comfortable seating
  • The armrests are padded so you can stay comfortable
  • The lounge chair has a very good weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • You can get it in six different colors
  • The velvet fabric is warm to the touch and enhances the fashionable design
  • Lots of padding makes the chair very comfortable 
  • Simple assembly is quick
  • Light so you can move it around with ease


  • Velvet upholstery is not quite as easy to keep clean
  • Some do feel that the back is a bit too low

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2. The Belleze Modern Club Chair – The runner-up writing chair for bedrooms

Best Small Corner Chair for Bedroom The Belleze ModernIn second place, we have the Belleze club chair with a beautiful design. This chair is a good runner-up because it is just as stylish, you can get it in lots of different colors, it has a sturdy design and the rounded back is very comfy.

You can get this chair in six different colors. Some of them have PU leather upholstery and others fabric. The faux leather upholstery is easy to clean since you can easily wipe down the fabric surface with a damp cloth but this type of upholstery doesn’t have a cold skin touch. Fabric upholstery is better on the skin but you will need dynamic cleaning products for spot cleaning to get stains and dirt marks out of this type of upholstery.

It doesn’t have a very high back but it is still comfortable because a 4-inch thick seat cushion is nice and soft to sit on.  The comfy chair also makes for good seating arrangements in office spaces and waiting rooms.

The decorative chair is very easy to assemble and light enough to move with ease. This chair offers ultimate comfort but might not be the best choice if you are limited on space because it does have a large diameter.

If you have thick carpets in your bedroom that are becoming damaged by the chair, then you should consider getting the best chair mat for a heavy person.  These mats will keep this compact chair from making indentations in your carpets.  


  • Weight – 26.5 Pounds
  • Color – Black, brown, caramel, flower print, white, word print, and brown/white
  • Main materials – Faux leather or fabric with solid wood legs
  • Floor to Seat height – 17.32 Inches
  • Seat size – 18.5 x 18.5 Inches
  • Back size – 12.59 x 18.5 Inches
  • Armrests – Padded armrests
  • Foot type – Solid wood feet
  • Additional features – 4 Inch seat cushion included 


  • Very stylish chair
  • The PU leather fabric is easy to wipe clean
  • You can also get it in print fabric detail
  • A 4-inch seat cushion offers lots of support
  • Lots of different colors to choose from
  • The roundabout design is very smooth
  • The chair has a deep seat
  • The back support is quite good
  • Only partial assembly is required which eases the setup


  • PU leather can get sweaty in the summers
  • Some do feel the chair is a bit too small
  • The weight limit is unclear

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3. The Homcom Retro Button-tufted High Back Armless Chair – The best accent corner chair

Best Small Corner Chair for Bedroom The Homcom Retro

This contemporary chair is very stylish. It is a perfect choice if you want to perk up a dull bedroom and these are ideal compact chairs for luxurious bedrooms with limited floor space.

The chair is tiny and doesn’t have any armrests which means it will easily fit in your bedroom. This armless design also keeps other objects from snagging onto your sofa and frees up a lot of corner space.  You can get this mid-century design chair in six beautiful colors and the velveteen fabric offers a sense of luxury. The bright chairs are ideal for adding a pop of color to dull bedrooms or any other living space.

This retro-looking chair is quite comfortable to sit in. It has a thick padded seat and the high backrest of the chair will help reduce neck pain. If you have neck pain then you can also consider this as the best living room chair for neck pain.  

We also love the stylish design of this chair. The rounded seat and curved backrest top offer a modern touch while the indented buttons give a softer and more retro design.

At a maximum weight limit of 265 pounds, this might not be the best guest chair, but the armless accent chair certainly is an attractive piece of furniture to liven up any dull living space.


  • Weight – 28 Pounds
  • Weight capacity – 265 Pounds
  • Color – Red, bright blue, cream white, green, black, or gray
  • Main materials – Velveteen, rubberwood, plywood, and foam
  • Floor to Seat height – 16.5 Inches
  • Seat size – 21.75 Inches
  • Back size – 25.5 x 31 Inches
  • Armrests – None
  • Foot type – Rubberwood legs
  • Additional features – None


  • The accent chair is bound to attract a lot of attention
  • Ideal for perking up dull bedrooms
  • It is nice and slim so it can easily fit in small areas
  • The high back helps reduce neck pain and tension
  • The seat cushion is nice and thick
  • It has a pretty good weight limit of 265 pounds
  • There are no armrests that can get in your way
  • A good chair if you have limited space


  • Some people do prefer armrests
  • Assembly is a bit challenging
  • Velveteen fabric is thinner compared to true velvet
  • The seat height can feel low for some people

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4. The Yaheetech Accent Armchair – The best alternative roundabout chair for rooms

Best Small Corner Chair for Bedroom The Yaheetech AccentThis piece of furniture is perfect for those who need something simple, stylish, and comfy. The corner chair is very light with a compact design so you can easily move it where you need it. You can get it in three different colors and the velvet fabric offers a very warm and comforting feel.

This inviting seat doesn’t have a very high back but the padded armrests make it pretty comfy to sit in. The sleek design also makes it an ideal accent chair for bedrooms although some do use this comfortable chair as a dining chair because of its sophisticated design and level of comfort. 

The chair is very comfortable to sit in because it is constructed with lots of high-density foam filling in the seats, backrest, and around the armrest area. It features a strong manufactured wood frame and has metal legs which increase its maximum weight limit to almost 290 pounds. 

A lot of people feel that this is a great extra seat for office reception areas, especially since you can spice up the contemporary style of the chair by simply adding a few throw pillows or a throw for modern flair. If you are furnishing an office then you can also consider the best reclining office chairs with a footrest that we talk about in our other guides.  


  • Weight – 19.18 Pounds
  • Weight capacity – 286.6 Pounds
  • Color – Dark blue, green, or grey
  • Main materials – Velvet upholstery
  • Floor to Seat height – 17 Inches
  • Seat size – 18 x 18.5 Inches
  • Back size – 25 x 11.7 Inches
  • Armrests – Padded armrests
  • Foot type – Metal legs
  • Additional features – None


  • The comfortable seat looks great
  • Soft velvety materials offer a sense of luxury
  • The rounded seat and high armrests are very cozy
  • Available in three different colors
  • Can handle people with a weight of up to 286 Pounds
  • The chair’s foam-filled seat is very comfortable
  • The metal legs are very durable
  • The sitting area is nice and high
  • It has a perfect design for a corner area in a bedroom


  • The chair back is not very high
  • Some might find the armrests a bit high
  • Velvet fabric is a bit hard to keep clean

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5. The OSP Home Furnishings Wicker Papasan Chair – The best unique writing chair for bedrooms

Best Small Corner Chair for Bedroom The OSP Home FurnishingsIf you love to watch TV in your bedroom or need to create a cozy reading nook but get sore from sitting on the bed then this chair by OSP home is a good solution. This chair is also a favorite in dorms for reading sessions.

The chair is very stylish and it is considered one of the best ergonomic chairs for watching tv or for people who want to create a cozy corner in their bedrooms. 

It has a unique circular design with a removable cushion. You can lie back in the chair and let your arms rest comfortably beside you because the chair is so wide. 

This chair can also swivel in any direction and the upholstery fabric is nice and warm to the touch. The industrial design of the frame also makes it practical for homes or bedrooms with a modern look although many do also use this circular seat with its cushioned seat in the living room, in waiting areas, or on porches or patios. 

The OSP home furnishings chair is very popular in kids’ bedrooms because you have a huge choice of color covers to choose from which means you can get this chair for just about any bedroom theme or color scheme. The round chair offers a comfortable sitting experience because it has ample space on the seat, a seat height of 17.5 inches fits most people very well, and the seat has lots of high-density foam padding for maximum comfort. 


  • Weight – 29 Pounds
  • Weight capacity – 250 Pounds
  • Color – 17 Color options
  • Main materials – Darcon-filled upholstery cushion and resin wicker wrapped over a metal frame
  • Floor to Seat height – 17.5 Inches
  • Seat size – 36 x 35.25 Inches
  • Back size – 40 x 36 Inches
  • Armrests – None but the chair sides offer good support
  • Foot type – Metal wicker frame
  • Additional features – 360 Degree swivel with thick removable cushion


  • Very stylish-looking chair
  • It can swivel so you can turn or soothe yourself by rocking left and right
  • The cushion is removable
  • The weight capacity is good at 250 pounds
  • Lots of color variations to choose from
  • Very wide and comfy seat
  • Perfect for watching TV or napping
  • You can get it in 3 different colors


  • Might be too large for small bedrooms
  • Not the best seat for sitting upright
  • The cushion is not very thick
  • The chair might be small for some adults

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Buying Guide

All these chairs look great and they are all ideal for tiny bedrooms because they have compact sizes. If you have a tough time choosing the best then perhaps this little guide can help you decide. 

The Overall Best Bedroom Roundabout Chair

The Yaheetech upholstered club chair is our top pick because this wonderful chair is very comfy to sit in, it can handle a lot of weight and it offers a warm and stylish overall look.

Or, you can consider the Belleze club chair. This chair is also beautiful, you can get it in various sizes and it is quite comfortable. 

The Most Fashionable Bedroom Corner Chair

The Homcom high-back chair is the most fashionable chair on our list. You can get this glam-style chair in different colors and make a statement in any room thanks to its fluffy polyester upholstery and unique mid-century modern look. 

The Simple, Yet Functional Bedroom Chair

The Yaheetech is our top pick for those who need something stylish, simple, and functional. This chair is super light so you can move it with ease, it is comfy to sit in and it is ideal for creating a minimalist or modern look in your guest bedroom. The polyester blend upholstery offers a very cozy feel and this extra seat is very sturdy thanks to its engineered wood frame.

The Best Chair for Watching TV in Your Room

If you want to lie back and watch TV in your bedroom, you can consider the OSP swivel chair. This circular chair is very comfy to rest in and you never even have to turn your head to look someone in the eye because you can swivel in any direction. People also often use these stylish chairs to create a reading nook because they are so comfy and beautiful especially if you add a stylish floor lamp. 

Final Thoughts

We do hope that this guide helped you to find a good chair for your bedroom corner. If you need another comfy chair to sit in then you should look at some of our other buying guides. You can buy the best recliner for sleeping after surgery, get the Best Gaming Chairs for Under $100 or take a look at the zero gravity chair for tall men. All of our guides are specially developed to help you find the best products.  

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