X Rocker 51259 Review

X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 Review – X Rocker Gaming Chair

Looking for a new floor gaming chair but there are too many on the market? Is it getting harder and harder to distinguish a high-quality floor gaming chair from one made just for looks?

Well, today we want to present to you the X Rocker 51259 Pro H3, one of the best floor gaming chairs on the market, if not the best. This chair is an ideal investment for a hardcore gamer who wants to enjoy comfortable sitting and a superior sound experience.

We fell in love with its ergonomic design, pressure-relieving base, lumbar support, 4 speakers, and power subwoofer after the first week we got our hands on it, leaving us with the conclusion that the X Rocker Pro H3 needs its own article

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The chair has been in our possession for more than one week now and it doesn’t stop to amazing us.

The price of the chair fluctuates around $159. It can sound a little bit pricey but we say that it is well worth the money invested. Believe us or not the chair falls into mid-budget range, for more details around prices and what to look for in a chair check our chair’s buying guide.

Let’s not waste any more time and get right into it, shall we?

Design & Ergonomics

The chair for consoles looks stunning, you can’t go around that, the chair simply has an astonishing look to it.

Covered in faux leather and padded vinyl from top to bottom to guarantee the high-end look, looking sturdy and “tanky” from any angle, a weird combination between classy and modern that catches your eyes… it’s something else, something that I like.

The faux leather used in this adjustable leather lounge’s production is exceptionally easy to clean and without a doubt, it will stay intact without any sign of cracking for years to come.

When it comes to comfort the manufacturers call it “Premier Comfort” and by all means, it is.

Your comfort is ensured by:

  • Excellent ergonomic design & lower back support

The design of the chair is one that follows your natural’s back curvature and it has a rocker design that offers additional comfort while you enjoy video games.

It was created with the idea that you will sit on it with your hips as back as possible, resting your back against the chair and releasing your lower back pressure that accumulated over time from holding your body weight for long periods of time.

We only wish a heightened base was included with the chair as some might find its floor design a bit uncomfortable. 

  • Comfortable headrest

The chair will offer hours of comfort because the built-in headrest is offering good support for your neck and head, making sure your spine is fully aligned so the lower back support doesn’t have to do all the work per see. The support this chair provides offers optimal comfort since it helps align your spine while you enjoy gaming. 

The audio gaming chair’s headrest is well built, firm, securing a pleasing experience for long sessions.

X Rocker Gaming Chair Review
  • Pressure-Relieving Base

The pressure-relieving base is soft and squishy, maybe a little bit too soft for my liking but my colleagues seem to prefer it that way so I’d say it’s all about preferences. 

Nevertheless, the pressure-relieving base it’s built-in with a reason and even if I find it too soft for my liking I wouldn’t imagine the chair without it.

What we don’t fully enjoy about the chair:

  • Armrests

This is one of the best chairs with armrests to get for gaming sessions. The armrests are well-built, robust, and don’t show any sign of wiggling.

We can only give the armrests three and a half out of five stars because we find them too low for most people and unlike many other gaming chairs, these are not adjustable armrests.

If you’re under 5’3 or close to it you should be fine and the armrests will be at a close-to-perfect height for you but if you’re taller than that then you might find them uncomfortable, making you keep your shoulders lower than you would normally.

Product details

The X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 comes with so many features not found in a regular gaming chair that it would be a shame to not present them one by one in a proper way.

The X Rocker team thought about everything from user experience to storage, making it hard for others in the industry to compete and hard for potential customers to find something else at this level.

We feel that each feature of the chair for gamers deserves its own section so we will do exactly that.

  • Four speakers and one powered subwoofer

The quality of the sound the chair’s built-in speakers provide is outstanding no matter what you’re listening to and ensures an immersion experience every time you enjoy gaming. 

The 4.1 Audio built-in speaker and the 4” subwoofer and advanced audio features will do an amazing job while listening to music, playing games (we especially enjoy playing racing games on it), or watching movies. 

Nevertheless, we have one small suggestion for you: if you’re someone that scares easily like us you probably want to be cautious when watching horror movies in it.

We learned our lesson the hard way with that.

  • Additional Vibration Motors

The additional vibration motors sync with your music/games/movie’s bass tones and it generates an even more high-end full-body ultimate experience making sure you’re entertained for hours.

You can alter the vibration control settings on the side panel of the chair. High vibrations are ideal for livid gaming while lower settings might be more suitable for relaxing and unwinding with a more casual favorite game.

  • Side panel

The side panel with volume control is the brain of your audio chair, from it you can control everything and I mean it. This little panel will ease any gaming experience because it will overcome all ofyour audio challenges for good. 

A favorite feature of this chair is that the vibration and bass levels are controlled by two rotating buttons allowing you to choose the perfect amount of vibration & bass control for your taste. 

The video gaming chair’s input and output jacks are compatible with Playstation consoles, Xbox consoles, Nintendo Wii consoles, MP3s, DVDs, and the majority of other gaming systems as well as some additional audio sources. 

  • Foldable

The arm chair is completely foldable just by pulling the small lever in the back and… that’s it. That’s all you have to do, really. This sleek design and compatible feature make it an ideal investment for smaller gaming rooms or even dorms. 

This feature will come in handy for people that have multiple chairs in their room and only use the X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 when playing on their console, therefore needing to store it afterward.

The height of the audio gaming chair will go down to 20.5”, making it storable in any place.

  • Connectivity to multiple chairs

This chair comes with a handy Bluetooth feature. We haven’t tried this option yet since we only have only one of these video gaming chairs in our office, therefore, we can’t give our rating about this feature but the manufacturer claims the chair can sync with other chairs via a wireless transmitter. When you connect to a wireless receiver on another chair, you can communicate with one another via headphones and a microphone while enjoying multi-player games.

Compatible devices can be connected to the chair via its built-in wireless receiver or by using the additional cable that is included with the chair.

We will make sure to test this feature out once we order more of them and we will come back with an edit to this article, stay tuned!

X Rocker 51259 Review

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it compatible with Xbox and Playstation?

Even though we have already said this in our review above, yes, the audio gaming chair is compatible with Xbox and Playstation.

The chair is compatible with anything that connects to your TV since you’ll have to plug it in the 3.5 mm jack on your TV.

  • Can I set the chair higher from the ground?

Unfortunately, the chair doesn’t benefit from any built-in option to set its height.

However, if you want to set it higher you have two options:

  1. Put it on something. 
  2. You can also check the pedestal base version of it. Unfortunately, the pedestal base version only has two speakers instead of four.
  • Will the chair vibrate if you plug in headphones?

  • For us this didn’t work.

    Other customers have suggested using an Y-splitter to connect the chair to both TV and headphones and turning the volume of the video gaming chair to zero but we can’t guarantee this will solve the problem.

    Is the chair hard to assemble?

The video gaming chair actually comes folded, the only thing you’ll have to assemble are the armrests which no, are not in any way hard to assemble.

  • Do I have to buy the cables for the chair?

No, the chair comes with everything an intense gamer needs.

  • What’s the weight limit of the chair?

The weight limit of the X-Rocker gaming chair according to manufacturers is 275 lbs.

  • How is it powered?

The chair with vibration has to be plugged into an electrical outlet. Don’t worry, the cord you’ll be using and an additional RCA cable, come with the chair.

  • Can I use it as a computer chair?

You can’t use this version of the rocker chair as a computer chair since it is made to sit on the ground. You can, however, get a foot piece for this type of gaming chair or floor chair to make it more practical for use in front of a desk.

If you want to use it as a computer chair we recommend the pedestal version.

Bottom line

Whether you’d be enjoying hours of gaming or watching movies the X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 will be comfortable and will provide you an amazing experience with its speakers, subwoofer, and vibration system.

We strongly believe this rocker gaming chair is one of the best floor gaming chairs on the market right now because that’s why we decided to do an article about it. It is available for an affordable price considering the quality of this interactive audio chair. 

Our experience with this perfect gaming chair was stunning and we hope yours will be as well

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