How to Make Gaming Chair More Comfortable

How to Make Gaming Chair More Comfortable?

Do you have a gaming chair causing much back pain and discomfort? Don’t toss that cheap gaming chair out just yet. In this guide, we are going to show you how to make gaming chair more comfortable and a lot healthier to sit in. The best part about our guide is that all the methods we are sharing are bound to fall within your price range because they are all affordable methods to increase your level of comfort. 

How to Make Gaming Chairs More Comfortable

There are quite a few things about your chair that could be causing discomfort and pain. But one of the biggest culprits is usually poor posture. When you adopt a bad posture while sitting down, your blood cannot circulate properly and that contured position adds more pressure on your spine. The first and most important factor you should do is adjust your chair properly so you can sit in a proper posture position. Once your chair has the correct height and adjustments, you can start looking into adding some chair accessories that could enhance your level of comfort.

Before we dive into all of the detail about how to adjust your chair, you should take some time to give that video game chair a good deep clean. Sitting in a dirty chair isn’t just uncomfortable, it is also unhealthy. So grab some cleaning supplies and clean your gaming chair before you proceed to the next steps. 

Adjust Your Gaming Chair Properly

Now that your chair is nice and clean, you can get to work on making some adjustments so you can finally sit in a healthy posture position. Here is a quick look at how to adjust your chair. 

Adjust According to Screen Height

Your computer monitor should be positioned at eye level so you won’t have to hunch over or look up when you are enjoying an action-packed game like Fortnite. Adjust your seat height until your screen is at eye height.

Adjust Your Seat Height Properly

When you sit down in your height-adjustable chair, your knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle and you should be able to position your feet flat on the floor.

This can be tricky because you also need to keep your desktop computer screen height into consideration. You might need to play around and invest in a monitor stand so your screen will stay at a proper height.

If your chair is too tall at its lowest setting then you should consider buying a gaming chair for a short person or get a footrest for your chair so your feet can be placed flat.

If the chair is too low at its highest setting then you should increase its height. Here are some of the top ways to increase your seat height;

  • Invest in a thick seat cushion
  • Install chair wheels that are higher than your casters
  • Install a taller pneumatic gas lift so you can raise the chair higher

Adjust Your Armrests Properly

For long gaming sessions, your adjustable armrests should be at the right height to allow your shoulders to drop down comfortably while your arms rest peacefully on the rests. If your chair doesn’t have adjustable arms then it might be time to consider a new ergonomic gaming chair that does have this feature. Proper armrest height can help you sit in a more comfortable position and can help reduce neck strain, shoulder muscle strain, and neck pain. 

Adjust Your Lumbar Support

The lumbar pillow on your gaming chair should be positioned at your lower back about five inches above the seat. Some gaming chairs also feature built-in lumbar support that you can adjust according to your height. When you sit down with your back pressed against the backrest, the integrated lumbar cushion should be offering support so you can reduce the pressure on your spine and adopt the correct posture without even thinking about it. 

Tilt Your Chair Back

A 90-degree sitting position is ideal for office workers. But for gamers, a deeper tilt angle of 110 – 130 degrees is usually a lot more comfortable. Tilt your chair back and lock that tilt tension control in place once you feel comfortable. 

How to Make Gaming Chair More Comfortable

Tilt Your Chair Back chair Accessories That Can Make Your Gaming Chair More Comfortable

If your gaming chair still isn’t feeling quite as comfortable as you would like then you can try adding the following accessories to your chair or your gaming setup.

Lumbar Support Cushion

Even perfect gaming chairs often lack proper lumbar support. Invest in a good quality external lumbar pillow so you can reduce some of that strain on your spine. Mesh lumbar supports are usually preferable because they can keep you nice and cool. But you can also opt for a nice memory foam lumbar pillow with a massage function for the winter months. Some of these lumbar cushions even have a heat function which can be very helpful for recovering from a back injury.

Add a Seat Cushion

Some popular gaming chairs can be a bit too firm. If your chair seat is too hard or too thin then a nice seat cushion can make a huge difference. For long hours of gaming, we recommend a coccyx pillow. These pillows have a little cutout at the back that can help prevent tailbone pain. Cooling gel seat cushions can also be a very good option or you can even get a contured memory foam cushion that is going to help you sit in a healthy posture position.

Add Some Armrest Padding

Most gaming chairs come out with hard plastic armrests. Adding a bit of padding like a gel armrest onto your armrests can keep pressure sores from forming on your arms and elbows.

Invest in a Gaming Chair Mat

A gaming chair mat will also enhance your sitting comfort because your chair can smoothly glide over the floor without making any noise and without getting snagged onto carpet fibers.

Add a Headrest to Your Gaming Chair

If your comfortable chair didn’t include a headrest then you can also shop for a detachable headrest that you can add to the chair. These headrests often offer ergonomic features and can be adjusted to support your head better.

Get a Monitor Stand

This isn’t exactly a chair accessory but can make a huge difference in your sitting comfort. If your desk is too low then a monitor stand can help raise the monitor height so you can sit in a proper posture position. While you are at it, you should also get a screen filter so you can reduce eye strain. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that this guide on how to make gaming chairs more comfortable helped you feel a little bit more at ease when enjoying your ergonomic chair. And if none of these chair accessories or adjustments provided much comfort then it might be time for a new chair. At ChairsWiki, you can shop around for all sorts of gaming chairs including gaming chairs for big guys. With our guide, you can find a comfortable gaming chair that suits your body type perfectly. 

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