Furmax Gaming Chair Review

Furmax Gaming Chair Review – With Footrest & More!

This review has been highly requested in the past weeks…

But finally, here we are.

At first, we didn’t really know which chair would be the best for us to review but after we gave it some thought we decided to create a review for… all of them.

Furmax is a professional chair manufacturer established in 2016 that makes gaming chairs, office chairs, and dining chairs. We’ve been watching this company grow day by day and we can assure you that the customers have been really pleased with them.

In this article, we will be presenting you their four gaming chairs and one gaming office chair, let’s go to work:

Furmax Gaming Chair Review - UPDATED

We’ll be listing below the gaming chairs currently available on the market but we have to warn you, some of the models here are not even two months old and are already low stock.

Let’s not waste any more time:

Furmax Office Executive Chair High Back

The most comfortable

  • Weight: 37 pounds
  • Maximum capacity: 300 Pounds
  • Reclining angle: 90-180 degrees
  • Swivel base: 360 degrees
  • Seat dimensions: 
    19.8″ X 21.8″ ,Back Rest size: 21.8″ X 24.8

This model is the only desk chair on our list today that comes with a pre-assembled extendable footrest.

We’ve chosen this tall gaming chair to be on the top of the list because Furmax upgraded its first version of the chair that was released years ago and now the one you order on Amazon will be the upgraded version which is a lot more comfortable by having thicker padding, especially on the footrest.

 Features and Pros:

  • Metal Frame

The Furmax office chair is built with an ergonomic metal frame that holds the chair together, unlike other chairs on the market in which the backrest is united with the seat by using just a relatively small piece of wood.

  • Adjustability & Comfort

The comfortable gaming chair comes with an adjustable and removable headrest and lumbar support cushions which we’ve found to be really comfortable even after a long sitting. The padded seat cushion will also keep you nice and cozy during gaming sessions.

  • Footrest

The footrest is thicker than the previous model and now you really can’t feel anything when using it besides the high-density thick sponge within it.

  • Armrests

The footrest is not the only part upgraded at this model! The armrests are also thicker than before, giving you more surface to lean on if need be therefore making sure you’re comfortable in any position.

  • Materials & Design

Built only with high-quality materials such as PU Leather and high-density thick sponge and its 3D spine support and bucket seat design will allow you to spend many hours playing games or working at your projects without any amount of lower back pain.

  • Reclining angle & weight capacity

It has a maximum reclining angle of 180 degrees, a 360 degrees swivel base and a maximum capacity of 300 lbs.

 Problems and Cons:

  • Armrests

On the previous model the armrests started wiggling and became loose after just 8 months of usage.

This seems to not be the case anymore with the upgraded version but testing this will take some time (I mean… another 8 months) so we just want to make sure you look that up.

  • Footrest

The footrest might be too short if you’re taller than 6’0.

  • Colors

Unfortunately, this Furmax office chair only comes in two colors: Black & Blue, Black & White.


Furmax received many complaints with its previous model regarding the footrest becoming really loose after months of usage. Furmax has addressed that problem and with the new Furmax Gaming Chair with Footrest the problem seems to be solved.

Furmax Ergonomic Racing Chair - What You Should Know?

The best value

  • Weight: 45.2 lbs
  • Maximum capacity: 300 Lbs
  • Reclining angle: 90-180 degrees
  • Swivel base: 360 degrees
  • Warranty: 1-year worry-free
  • Dimensions:
    Seat dimension: 20.7 x 20.7 inches
    Back: 20.7 x 33 inches
    Seat height: 16.5 – 22 inches

If you love racing-style gaming chairs then you will adore this model from Furmax. Even though this model is not a best seller or trending on Amazon, in our vision that’s just a matter of time.

To us, the Ergonomic Racing Chair is one of the best price-value models Furmax is providing right now in their gaming chairs catalog. The quality computer chair is robust, made from high-quality materials, exceptionally good looking and it will make sure to give you the same hugging experience as you get in real racing car seats.

 Features and Pros:

  • Tubular Steel Frame

There it is again! We truly love seeing a tall gaming chair with a metal frame holding it together and getting that at this price is something you don’t see too often. Thumbs up, Furmax!

  • Adjustability & Comfort

Your comfort will be ensured by the high-density thick sponge the Furmax office chair is filled with. Its bucket seat and hugging backrest are immensely comfortable. Add the headrest and lumbar cushion to that and you get yourself a comfortable and easily adjustable gaming chair!

  • Materials & Design

The racing-style chair looks stunning, you can’t go around that. It is covered in black and carbon fiber PU leather, filled with a high-density sponge for a cushioned seat and soft padded armrests.

  • Reclining angle, Rocking Function & Weight Capacity

The decent chair can rock back and forth, have a 360 degrees base, a maximum of 180-degree reclining angle with various recline options and it can support up to 300 lbs!

  • Multiple colors 

The Furmax Ergonomic Racing Chair comes in more colors than the one before, therefore allowing you to choose from a larger variety of colors and find one that fits your room or office the most!

The available colors are Full-Black, Black&Gray, Black&Red, Black&White, White&Red.

 Problems and Cons:

  • The manual can be hard to understand

Some customers have brought up the fact that the assembly manual can be tough to read and understand and that the building time will sometimes even exceed 30 minutes.

Furmax Office Gaming Chair

Amazon Best Seller

  • Weight: 35 lbs
  • Maximum capacity: 280 Lbs
  • Reclining angle: No reclining
  • Swivel base: 360 degrees
  • Warranty: 1 year worry-free
  • Dimensions:
    Seat: 19.8.7 x 19.8 inches
    Back: 19.8 x 26.5 inches
    Seat adjustable height: 15.2 to 18.3 inches

This model is the best seller on Amazon at the time of writing, having over 2,000 reviews and a really competitive price range.

The Furmax Office Gaming Chair is a multi-purpose chair that will do unbelievably well no matter if used as a gaming chair or as an office chair. It is, in fact, a pretty simple desk chair that will do great as long as it is taken care of correctly.

Let’s see some of its strong points:

 Features and Pros:

  • Quality materials

The budget gaming chair is covered in water-resistant faux leather and breathable mesh. The PU leather used in this chair production is durable and won’t show signs of cracking anytime soon.

  • Comfort

Even though the quality chair doesn’t come with a headrest or lumbar support pillows it is still really comfortable due to its bucket seat and padded armrests. Users also find the wide seat very comfortable to sit in because the chair allows plenty of movement.

  • Design

The design of the ergonomic chair is not something that would turn heads or stand out in an office but for the price you’re paying we believe that is more than enough, maybe a bit more. The adjustable seat height, tall backrest, and thick seat cushion do however make it a very appealing option.

  • Rocking Function

Good news! Even though the budget gaming chair doesn’t have a reclining function you can still benefit from the rocking function the manufacturer provides.

  • Colors

When it comes to colors you really have where to choose from. This model is available in five colors: Full-lack, Black&Red, Black&Blue, Black&Grey and Black&White.

  • Weight capacity

The weight capacity is a strong point of the affordable chair, most office chairs at this price having less maximum capacity than the 280 lbs this model offers.

  • Affordable price

We just can’t get over the affordable price of this ergonomic gaming chair. The Furmax office gaming chair is an Amazon Bestseller with thousands of positive reviews and yet, they still offer this comfortable chair at an agreeable price.

 Problems and Cons:

  • Non-adjustable armrests & Cheap-looking plastic

Unfortunately, the low-cost gaming chair doesn’t come with adjustable armrests which we think could have fit in the budget. This could mean discomfort for users that need to sit for extended periods of time.

  • Non-existent manual

Customers have complained that the chair is missing the manual at arrival. It still should be pretty easy to put together but this might be a strong minus for some of you.

  • Cheap-looking plastic

When it comes to the plastic used in manufacturing the chair we have to say that after wearing the plastic becomes looking really cheap.

Furmax Gaming Recliner

Best for Big and Tall People

  • Weight: Not specified
  • Maximum capacity: 300 Lbs
  • Reclining angle: 90-180 degrees
  • Swivel base: No
  • Warranty: 1 year worry-free
  • Dimensions:
    Seat: 25.7 x 29.3 inches
    Back: 20.9 x 29.3 inches
    Seat height: 17.7 inches

This is something you surely don’t see every day, a gaming recliner!

This model is extremely new on the market, its first appearance being in early August of 2019. The chair is truly cozy and amazing no matter what you use it for. This recliner can be used… anywhere, really. It can be your desk gaming chair, office chair or perhaps your living room recliner. 

The possibilities are endless with this model.

 Features and Pros:

  • Built to last & Easy to assemble

According to the manufacturers, the steel construction of the chair ensures 30,000 sittings guaranteed. This chair will surely last years even if you enjoy long gaming sessions. Not only that, but the chair is also extremely easy to assemble. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

  • Adjustability & Comfort

Recliners are already extremely comfortable but Furmax is taking it to another level. The chair looks exactly like a bed when fully reclined and also the backrest is adjustable to find the best level for your back.

  • Materials & Design

This recliner can’t go unnoticed, that’s a fact. It is covered in high-quality PU leather, thickly padded with a skin-friendly seat providing extreme comfort for daily usage.

  • Reclining angle & Weight Capacity

The chair has a weight limit of 300 lbs and the maximum reclining angle is 180 degrees. It’s a bed!

  • Multi-purpose 

The Furmax Gaming Recliner is a multi-purpose chair.

It doesn’t matter that it only has “gaming” in its name, you can use it as an office chair, as a living room recliner, perhaps even in your relaxation spot. This chair can do it all!

  • Chair pocket

This model comes with a huge pocket on its side where you can put anything from phones to your controllers.

 Problems and Cons:

  • Colors

Only two colors are available and that’s a shame, more customization is always welcomed. The colors available are Black&Red and Black&Blue. 

  • Lack of rotating swivel base

We do not expect a recliner to come with a 360 swivel base but we’re still going to put this here since the other gaming chairs presented in our list do have a 360 swivel base.

Furmax High Back Office Desk Chair

The Newest Model

  • Weight: Not specified
  • Maximum capacity: 330 Lbs
  • Reclining angle: 90-170 degrees
  • Swivel base: 360 degrees
  • Warranty: 1 year worry-free
  • Dimensions:
    Size of Back: 19.8″X24.0″(LXW), Size of Seat: 19.8″X18.5″(LXW),Seat adjustable height: 16.0″-19.5″ inch

Did you think their recliner model was the newest one in their catalog?

Well, let us present to you their newest gaming model which made its first appearance in early September of 2019. The new model comes with a strange “alien-ish” look to it which we really enjoy but it is still practical for use as a traditional office chair because its sleek look doubles for a corporate appeal.

We predict that this model will really take off because it doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars yet offers great functionality. Have you seen what this chair has to offer?

Let’s find out:

 Features and Pros:

  • Adjustability & Comfort

The Furmax office chair comes with a really thick padded seat which will be especially soft to touch, an integrated 4-inch headrest, heavy-duty base, and comfortably padded arm rests.

  • Multi-purpose

We believe that the Furmax High Back Gaming Chair is a model that can also serve as an amazing ergonomic office chair, it shouldn’t be used just as a gaming chair when there is so much potential.

  • Materials & Design

The design of the Furmax office chair is a spectacular one, made to look exactly like a sports car seat. The chair is made from high-quality material such as breathable and durable mesh and PU leather.

  • Reclining angle & Weight Capacity

The chair has a maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs and a reclining angle of 170 degrees. 

 Problems and Cons:

  • Colors

The chair is only available in one color for now. We don’t have any information at the moment regarding the upcoming color options of the chair.

Frequently Asked Questions about Furmax’s Gaming Chairs

Since we feel like we might have left some information out we’re going to answer some of your most popular questions here:

Are those chairs good for big and tall people?

The chairs from this list we believe are great for big and tall people are:

We tend to believe that their new High Back Chair is also a good choice but we can’t guarantee on that yet.

Which is the best Furmax gaming chair?

This answer varies from person to person, even my colleagues seem to argue on that. 

Regardless of that, our most voted choices were: the one with footrest and the ergonomic racing one.

Are gaming chairs good for your back?

Yes, gaming chairs are good for your back.

The industry was created in order to help gamers be more comfortable while playing and also to eliminate the lower back pain caused by low-quality chairs.

Can gaming chairs be used as office chairs?

Yes, you can use your gaming chair as an office chair.

As long as it is built with an ergonomic design, it gives you good support and it’s comfortable you can indeed use it as your office chair.

How do I fix a sinking gaming chair?

Fixing a sinking chair is an easy job. 

Check out our article on fixing a sinking chair for a full explanation and two solutions!


Furmax produces nice gaming chairs. Good looking and durable, the top products with built-in metal frame, high-quality materials and overall good presentation.

You also have where to choose from!

You can choose one with footrest, or without, or a recliner, or a multi-purpose chair. You have the final decision and Furmax is providing lots of options for you.

If you have any more questions regarding the Furmax chairs feel free to ask them in the comments and we will get back to you quickly with a proper answer.

The buttons in this article contain affiliate links. The price of the product doesn’t increase in any way but we get a commission out of it. Our decisions and reviews are not based on the commission we earn out of the products. The products we decide to put in our articles are chosen by quality, we focus on providing the best experience and the best information for our readers.

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