Gaming Chair Brands You Should Know Before Buying Chair

Gaming Chair Brands You Should Know Before Buying Chair

It sure is exciting to go and shop for a new gaming chair. In these modern times, gaming chairs come out with so many advanced features. You can get a comfortable chair that includes a lumbar pillow, adjustable armrests, adjustable lumbar support, tilt function, a wider seat, bucket seats, a mesh seat, height-adjustable features, built-in speakers, and you can even choose from a wide range of colors in these modern times. 

But just because the chair you buy has many features doesn’t mean that it will offer you the comfort and durability you need for extensive gaming. If you want a high-end gaming chair then it is best to buy from a reputable supplier. 

In this handy guide, we are going to compare a couple of gaming chair brands you should know before buying Chairs.                                                

Why You Should Buy From a Reputable Brand?

Buying from a reputable brand can sometimes seem unnecessarily expensive when no-name brands often supply affordable chairs with a great many ergonomic features at the same price. So why should you buy from a brand name instead? Here are some of the top reasons people often prefer to buy from trusted brands.

Gaming Chair Brands You Should Know Before Buying Chair

Secure online buys

When you are shopping online it is challenging to see what you are buying because there is no real way to test the chair or check the materials before it arrives at your doorstep. Chairs are usually shipped disassembled to reduce transportation costs. Most online companies have a no-return policy once the chair has been assembled and you won’t get a good idea of the size and sitting comfort of the chair before you assemble it. In many cases, online buyers end up investing in products that are poorly made, have cheap materials, or just do not offer the type of comfort they were hoping for.

This is where brand companies have the biggest advantage. You are sure that the chair you buy online will be made of good-quality materials before you even add it to your cart.

A good return policy

Reputable chair brands usually have a good warranty on their ergonomic chairs and can refund you or replace the chair if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase. It is a secure buy that ensures good value for your money.


Reputable brands usually work hard to build a positive reputation and to keep their brand popular. Since all websites today offer reviews where clients can comment on their products or their shopping experiences, these businesses need to be extra careful about the type of products they offer to the public. To maintain a positive reputation, all products are usually made of quality materials, have a good design, and are sure to last a lot longer than your average cheap company.


Businesses with experience know exactly how to create and design a chair that feels comfortable to sit in. They also have the needed skill and expertise to create chairs that accommodate specific individuals or that have an ergonomic design and adjustable features so a wider range of people and body types can sit comfortably. 

Gaming Chair Brands You Should Know Before Buying Chair



Gaming Chair Brands You Should Know

As you can imagine, there are quite a few different businesses that manufacture gaming chairs and it can be very tough to spot a worthy chair when there are thousands to choose from in large online stores like Amazon.

It is best to focus on companies that develop high-quality gaming chairs specifically because some chairs might look like an average gaming chair but are in fact designed for comfortable sitting in front of a desk and might lack the features you need if you prefer a console gaming or PC gaming. 

To make it easier for you to find a brand you can trust, we are now going to discuss a few of the best gaming chair brands that are currently in the business.


Gaming Chair Brands You Should KnowDXRacer is a leading quality gaming chair company and its products are enjoyed across the globe. Their chairs are specifically designed for gaming setups. These best budget gaming chairs usually feature bucket seat designs, lumbar cushions, ergonomic features like adjustable armrests, and an adjustable height and they often feature a sporty look. All of their chair models look very similar but some can have different design features like a taller backrest, a wider seat, or a stronger base.

The DXRacer brand doesn’t offer the cheapest gaming chairs around but their chairs are known to be of good quality at an average price range. 

Their most popular chair is the formula series DXRacer chair and this popular brand has been sponsored for plenty of gaming leagues. 

Secret Labs

Gaming Chair Brands You Should Know

Secret Labs is a pretty big name in the gaming industry. The company was founded in 2014 and has its main focus set on creating chairs that are sleek in design yet offer a lot of ergonomic features.

They don’t offer a great variety of chairs or chair colors to choose from but the available models they offer are made of the highest quality materials and they offer optimal comfort.

Unlike many gaming chair companies, Secret Labs offers buyers different upholstery types to choose from. They can choose from PU leather, Napa leather, or fabric upholstery for their chairs. This is a huge benefit for those who might prefer a softer fabric that doesn’t cause you to get all sweaty on a hot summer day. You can, of course, also get the leather upholstered chairs that are so easy to wipe clean.

The overall design of their gaming chairs is sleek and stylish with a bucket seat design that hugs your body for a more comfortable gaming experience. Secret Labs gaming chairs don’t come cheap but they are built to last. 


X Rocker

X Rocker, as the name implies, is best known for its rocker chairs. These chairs are mostly designed for console gaming use but there are some chairs that are also practical for PC gaming. The vast majority of the rocker chairs for console gaming come with tech features like built-in sound systems, they are console compatible, and even have a mini console that allows you to control various features like your volume and bass output.

The chair designs can vary quite a lot and range from comfortable floor chairs to cozy recliners that are ideal for endurance online gaming sessions or game weekends.

Herman Miller

Herman Miller chairs are not exactly designed for gaming but their ergonomic office chairs are ideal for gaming use because they are so comfortable to sit in. These chairs are designed for posture correction and offer features like built-in adjustable lumbar support, adjustable armrests, retractable footrests, recline functions, and with some of these chairs, the seat can even move back and forth. 

The advanced ergonomic features of the Herman Miller chairs are exactly what makes them perfect for gaming. Gamers can adjust their chairs to get the most comfortable sitting position, they can recline these chairs back to take a nap from gaming, and they can even enjoy optimal blood circulation thanks to the chair’s posture correction benefits. To top it off, these chairs will keep you nice and cool during summers or extended gaming sessions because the mesh backrest and seat designs in many of these chairs are remarkably breathable.

Herman Miller chairs are terrific options if you need a good multifunctional chair that can be used for both work and gaming.


Maxnomic is a popular gaming chair brand because they supply chairs for the Cloud9 and eSports teams. Their gaming chairs are sleek and stylish with a durable design and lots of comfort features. One of the reasons so many people love Maxnomic chairs is that their chairs are designed to handle the extensive weight. This higher maximum weight capacity makes the chair ideal for larger users. 

Another reason so many love Maxnomic is their versatility. They offer a wide range of chair designs in many different colors. With this company, you are bound to find a chair no matter what your body type might be. 

OP Seat

Gaming Chair Brands You Should KnowOP Seat has been manufacturing gaming and desktop PC chairs since 2012 and became popular with the launch of the Grand Master Series chair. The company was established by two gaming buddies who had been enjoying LAN parties since they were 12. Their flagship chair, the grandmaster series, is used by professional gamers all over the world and is loved for its larger lumbar support cushion. 

The chair is easy to identify by its two racing stripes along the sides of the seat as well as the renowned OP Seat logo embroidered in the backrest. 

Omega Chair

Omega chair was launched late in 2018 and mostly focuses on creating ergonomic computer chairs. But their ranges are somewhat different than your average office chair since they took the functionality of gaming chairs and the ergonomics of office chairs and smashed it into one fine chair that can be used for both work and play.

One of the reasons users love these desk chairs so much is that the high-quality gaming chair you buy usually comes with video instructions to help users operate these products properly.


Gaming Chair Brands You Should Know Akracing originates from the automotive sports and racing industry. Since serious gamers are so fond of the bucket seat design, and these founders were experts in creating exactly these seats, they launched their first gaming chairs in 2001. 

Today, this comfortable gaming chair brand has its own factory and they develop all of its own designs. All designs are also in-house tested for quality to ensure that they offer a good level of comfort. The chairs feature a modern design with a steel frame, built-in lumbar support. 

AKracing is one of the most popular ergonomic gaming chair brands and their most popular chair is the Master Series Pro. This chair or any of their other models are ideal picks for your gaming desk. 


Gaming Chair Brands You Should Know Respawn is loved for its cheeky name and its slogan ‘live to play another day’. The company is pretty young since it was started in 2017 but it quickly grow to become a leader in the gaming industry. This company now has 9 gaming chair designs on the market and their most popular chair is the Respawn-900.  This chair is most popular because it features the style of racing chairs with the comforts of a recliner sofa. They also offer more traditional-looking gaming chairs with lots of ergonomic features that offer perfect lumbar support and good comfort since they are upholstered with breathable leather. 

This is definitely a brand that you can keep an eye on or consider investing in if you love hardcore gaming. They have over 25 years of experience in gaming chair manufacturing which shows in the excellent build quality of their advanced chairs. 

GT Omega Racing

Gaming Chair Brands You Should Know GT Omega has been producing fine-quality gaming chairs for over 10 years. The company was founded in 2009 and mostly focused on creating racing chairs for simulation video games. Over time, they also started developing other traditional gaming chairs. These types of gaming chairs are usually affordable but still offer a quality build quality with a metal base, durable sponge, and a good level of adjustability. Their chairs offer ergonomic features like height adjustment, lumbar support features, 3D armrests, and others that might enhance your blood flow or allow you to sit more comfortably. 

The most popular chair in their range is the Pro Series gaming chair but gamers also love their other products like the GT Omega Steering Wheel Stand.


Gaming Chair Brands You Should Know Corsair was founded in 1994 and mostly focuses on gaming electronics like gaming PCs, keyboards, mice, PC components, wireless headsets, and other advanced gaming accessories. While they don’t exactly focus on gaming chairs, they do have three high-end chair models on the market. The T1 Gaming Chair by Corsair is extremely popular because it offers 4D movement armrests and reclines almost 180 degrees so you can take a nap in the chair for gamers.

If you are an OCD sufferer who prefers to focus on a singular brand then this certainly is a good chair to consider since it will fit right in with all of your other Corsair accessories.


Gaming Chair Brands You Should Know Playseat is another popular gaming chair brand that mainly focuses on simulation gameplay. They offer a wide range of gaming chairs in unique designs.

The PUMA playseat was the leading chair in Europe’s leading digital gaming trade fair because it features such a stylish and unique design with extremely sturdy construction that is perfect for people of larger frames. Other chairs like the Playseat challenge black are also extremely popular for their folding design and advanced design that allow you to set up a gaming simulation in an extremely tiny and compact area.

If you want a perfect chair that looks different and unique then this is certainly a good brand to consider. Any of their chair ranges will serve as a perfect gaming chair so you can play your favorite video games without feeling all sore. 


Gaming Chair Brands You Should Know Cougar has been selling gaming accessories since 2008 and they do have a few gaming chairs on the market. This gaming brand offers quality racing-style gaming chairs like the Explore S that features a very sleek design with bright accent color schemes and quality materials. The Cougar logo makes a bold statement on the adjustable chair’s backrest and lumbar cushion and these chairs offer various ergonomic features that can enhance your comfort in your gaming setup. 

You can consider a cougar chair to match other Cougar accessories like gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, cases, power supply units, cooling units, and many other gaming accessories. 


Final Thoughts

We do hope that you found this guide for gaming chair brands you should know before buying chairs useful when you go shopping for a brand new chair to go with your gaming room. If you are also in the market for other chairs like an excellent quality chair for your home office, a zero gravity chair to use next to the pool, or a comfortable recliner then you should have a look at some of our other guides. On ChairsWiki, you are bound to find a chair no matter what your seating needs might be.

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