Catnapper vs Lazy Boy

Catnapper vs Lazy Boy – The Ultimate Comparison

Perhaps one of the hottest and most popular comparisons in the recliners lovers world, it’s the Catnapper vs. Lazy Boy one.

If you’re looking for one of the best recliners available right now, you’ve probably seen those two fighting for the top spots in any Top 10 list on the internet.

While there are other recliner brands also producing recliners that are top quality, Catnapper and Lazy Boy are at the top of the list. But if they are at the top of the list… who’s ahead?

Well, that’s what we will be breaking down today.

We chose 2 of the best-selling recliners from both manufacturers and we will be reviewing and comparing them so you can have a better idea of which recliner or manufacturer to go with.

Catnapper vs Lazy Boy – Comparison Table

As you can tell by the table above the four recliners are pretty different from one another, one being powered and having more weight capacity, one not being powered but has a swivel base.

Now that we presented you with the technical differences between them, let’s review each one individually and discuss the wide array of features.

Disclaimer: The order in which they’re placed doesn’t immediately mean one is better than the other.

1.Catnapper Cloud 12 Powered Recliner Review

Catnapper vs Lazy BoyThe Catnapper Cloud Recliner has a name and a description that would intrigue anybody:

“The power recliner is so comfortable it makes you feel like floating in the clouds. It is designed with luxurious sleep surfaces so you can take relaxing naps in front of the TV”

If you’re looking for a more firm recliner, we suggest checking out the other one in this list as the Catnapper Cloud is as soft as a cloud and gives a restful retreat feel with its irresistible curves. 

We also love the mid-century modern looks of this recliner and the neutral colors transition well with any living room theme. The handcrafted quality velvety upholstery fabric is ideal for season to season use because it will keep you nice and snug on cold days but won’t leave you feeling sweaty in the summer.

The leg recliner is stuffed with remarkably squishy gel-infused memory foam, and the lumbar support it offers is in an excellent spot where it can make any person, no matter the size.

These chic chairs are powered so you can adjust its footrest, headrest, and reclining angle effortlessly just by pressing the buttons on the right side of it.  A steel seat box offers good durability for these extra features.

It is positioned in such a way that you don’t have to lean forward from your chair and lose back support in order to have access to it.

Since the chair is powered, this means it has to be plugged into a power outlet.

The new updated model also comes with a backup battery that’s not included in the first model. Be sure to ask for it before buying if you feel the need also to have a backup battery.

It will not cost you more to get the newer model!

Many people also fear that they are too tall for this recliner, but unless you’re over 7′, you’ll be perfectly fine. It is a perfect choice for people of average height looking for a restful night.

The recliner is an oversized model that will fit anyone under 350 lbs and 7′ perfectly. You don’t have to worry about it being too short or too narrow; you’ll have plenty of space.


  • An exceptionally soft and comfortable chair, and because of that, you won’t feel any pressure points while sitting in it.
  • The soft fabric offers amazing comfort.
  • It is powered, so adjusting it is effortless, pleasant, and offers maximum comfort.
  • By the way, it was built, we can safely say the chair will last at least ten years in perfect condition and will offer continuous comfort throughout this time.
  • It can fit big and tall persons and also shorter people.
  • A quality furniture piece that will last a long time.
  • Includes lots of extra features that are ideal for recovering from surgeries
  • Practical style for most homes


  • The chair doesn’t have an obstruction sensor, meaning that you will have to check if there are any pets under it before reclining it back in its normal position.
  • The piece of furniture can take a lot of patio space

Frequently asked questions about Catnapper Cloud-Powered Recliner

Does it rock?

This powered version of this recliner is not a rocking recliner. If you want the rocking option on this chair you must go with the manual version.

How much space should I leave between the chair and the wall?

In order for the chair to be in a fully reclined position, we recommend placing it at least 15 inches from the wall.

How long is the power cord?

The power cord has a length of 6 feet.

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La-Z-Boy Anderson Rocking Recliner Review

Catnapper vs Lazy BoyThe La-Z-Boy Anderson Rocking Recliner

is smaller than its competitors and is designed to complement any decor.  La-Z-Boy Recliners have been popular recliner brands in homes for a very long time.

This La-Z-Time Sofa combines the comfort of a recliner and the smooth movement of a rocker in a way that makes it perfect for relaxation, reading, watching TV, or really anything else you can think about.  We love the spin on comfort feel.

This La-Z-Boy furniture chair features an extremely comfortable high-grade foam seat cushion and laser-cut foam-filled armrests.

It although has a slightly smaller size than its competitors on this list today but, at least for us, it is not at all an inconvenience as it still is a perfect size for the average person which makes it a family favorite. So, it is a good chair for people with back pain.

The casual sofa is not powered, therefore you will have to adjust the reclining angle and footrest manually. But unlike its competitors, La-Z-Boy has something else for you.

The Anderson Recliner features 3 lock levels for your footrest, unlike the Catnapper which only has one. Not only that but it also features 16 different rocking-locking points.  The recline allows you to sit in a zero-gravity position that is super comfortable and very healthy.

The manufacturers focused on the comfort of their customers and you can see it with this bad boy. I mean… lazy boy.

Another thing that you won’t see anywhere else is the base made from 4 wooden walls instead of 3. This additional feature strengthens the chair, especially since solid wood is often used in the design.

This will ensure that the lifespan of their recliner chairs is way longer than competitor’s, maybe even a lifetime if the chair has been taken care of correctly.

The way La-Z-Boy builds their recliner is different, they first build it as a regular chair and then convert it into a recliner and enhance the padded chaise seat for more comfort. This method has helped them develop the longest-lasting recliners on the market.  It is considered quality bedroom furniture but a lot of people also use these recliners as patio furniture because they are so durable.

Here is a video that shows the main difference between La-Z-Boy’s recliners and the competitors.


  • It is designed in such a way that it will look great and compliment any decor or casual style living room
  • It is an understated sofa because it can rock while being reclined. Only really few recliners on the market can do that at the time of writing.
  • Designers had their focus on comfort with this sofa.  It has 3 footrest locking positions and 16 rocking locking positions so finding the perfect match won’t be difficult.
  • Because the footrest’s frame is built out of steel it won’t go back just by pressure, you must do it by pushing the lever on the right side. This is a safety feature that we always like to see.
  • This stylish rocking recliner has a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Quality product
  • Easygoing style
  • The padded seat offers a great blend of comfort.


  • People over 200 lbs might be uncomfortable due to the smaller size of the chair, comparing it to other recliners on this list.
  • We would love to see a 10-year warranty on this chair.

Frequently asked questions about the La-Z-Boy Anderson Rocking Recliner

Is this recliner good for tall people?

We can’t be certain that every tall person (over 6′) will feel comfortable in this recliner. The shorter seat height is ideal for average height people.   We highly recommend it for short and average people looking for a chair with a comfortable design.

How much space should I leave between the recliner and the wall?

We recommend having at least 10 inches between the recliner and the wall.

What is the fully reclined length from the footrest to the top of the recliner?

The length from the top to the footrest when fully reclined is roughly about 65”, you can sleep in it!

Does the recliner have massage functions?

Unfortunately, the chair is more basic without any massage features.

What you must know about this recliner

The price for this recliner on Amazon is $245.00 less than on the manufacturer’s website.

The recliners are the same, there is absolutely no difference between what’s sold on Amazon and what’s sold on the La-Z-Boy website.

We believe this happens because their website has more visitors than their Amazon product pages, therefore having the opportunity to make more profit.

But we are not here to debate their marketing strategies, we’re here to help you choose the best recliner for you at the best price possible.

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Catnapper Teddy Bear Recliner Review

Catnapper vs Lazy BoyThe Catnapper Teddy Bear has received massive positive feedback since April 2014 when it was first released.  If you love 360º Swivel Chairs then this might just be the right chair. 

This swivel recliner has been build with solid metal and wooden base with wood frame and judging by the quality of the materials we can safely say you won’t be changing it in at least 10 years from now.  You can recline it back to different recline positions with easy button pull and sit back in a preferred position for a rest or a nap.

It is the only chair on our list today and one of the few recliners in the furniture industry that also benefits from a swivel base that gives you the option to rotate 360 degrees.

We must talk about the comfort this chair provides, it’s truly remarkable.  The padded seat with its irresistible curves is very comfortable to sit on and ideal for cozy family nights in front of the TV.

It is just a tinny bit firmer than his “brother” that’s also featured on our list today. We can’t say that it also feels like you’re sitting on a cloud but we can safely compare it with sitting on a marshmallow. It offers luxurious comfort thanks to thick padding on the seat and back.

The swivel recliner is stuffed with different types of foam that will follow your body’s contour. We suggest that you are careful with this chair as it might make you lazy and not want to leave it.

We love the easygoing style of this casual sofa.  The transitional style is ideal for home offices, living rooms, patio use, or bedrooms. So, we can consider it as the best Recliner for sleeping after surgery.

Check out this video review of the chair

The view review might not be an in-depth one but we recommend watching it to have an idea of the overall size and look of the recliner with its wide seat.


  • It has been built with solid metal and wood along with other high-quality materials. This simple design feature will ensure that the recliner has a great and long lifespan.
  • If you’re looking for a recliner that also has a swivel base this is one of the best options available on the market.
  • The foam with which it is stuffed ensures a comfortable setting while still being able to give proper lumbar support.
  • The padded seat is comfortable and the upholstery fabric is nice and warm
  • The wide seat allows you to sit with ease
  • Steel supports offer good strength and durability


  • It only has only one footrest locking level and that’s the fully reclined one.
  • Massage and heat functions would have been nice

Frequently asked questions about the Catnapper Teddy Bear Recliner

Is it more comfortable than the Catnapper Cloud 12?

In terms of comfort, we can’t be saying that it is more comfortable since comfort is subjective but we can say that it is slightly more firm than Cloud 12.  It is still a perfect loveseat sofa despite the extra firmness.

So, if you don’t want your recliner to be that soft but still want amazing comfort, this is a perfect choice.

Which one is better for tall people, the Teddy Bear or the Cloud 12?

We find both recliners great for tall people, the only difference being that the Cloud 12 is slightly taller. (2 inches)

Is it hard to assemble?

No, it is really easy to put the Teddy Bear recliner together.  Just check Amazon product advertising reviews and you will see how many people find it easy to assemble.

All you have to do is slide the backside into the seat slots and it locks automatically.

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La-Z-Boy Reese Power Rocking Recliner Review

Catnapper vs Lazy BoyThe La-Z-Boy Reese is the first and only American leather recliner on our list today.  We love the clean lines of this functional faux leather fabric chair.

The Reese power reclining sofa is made to bring versatility to any contemporary decor and also to offer you a comfortable experience you’ll cherish for years.  It is perfect for people looking for individual pieces to add to a living room but you can buy a whole set of these if you want to offer everyone luxurious comfort. It is one of the Best Ergonomic Chairs for Watching TV.

Unlike its competitors, the Reese Power reclining sofa also rocks (as any other La-Z-Boy does) and when it is not a recliner it is a smooth relaxing rocker with a graceful motion.  It is a perfect choice for people who love to rock themselves to sleep in amazing comfort.

Its design features single-needle topstitched detailing in clean lines on the seat, back, leg rest, and inside arms.

Many people think that because it is upholstered with faux leather it won’t be nearly as comfortable as other reclines but that’s simply not true. The terms of comfort it offers are outstanding and the foam is filled with first-class high-density foam that offers extra comfort.  Sure, faux leather is not as durable as genuine leather but this form of leather is a lot more affordable compared to sofas that are made with genuine leather.

The panel on the right side is the whole brain of the recliner. It is extremely easy to reach and you can control everything from it.

With the Reese power reclining sofa, you can control the reclining angle and footrest independently, something we really like to see since it offers luxurious comfort. The freedom of adjustability it provides is what’s making this recliner one of the best on the market and makes it a family favorite because it is ideal for cozy family nights in front of the TV.

The side panel also features a built-in USB port to power your phone or tablet.


  • You can control the recline positions and footrest independently. This will help you find the best position possible.
  • It is a great choice for big and tall people thanks to a wide seat and tall design.
  • The one-piece seat is padded with irresistible curves for extra comfort.
  • It has a built-in USB port to charge anything you need while sitting in it.
  • The design’s one that will look amazing in any decor you want to place it in.
  • Deep seat cushions and the wide seat is nice and comfy to sit-in
  • The casual sofa looks great in all living rooms but is also functional in bedrooms or offices thanks to its transitional style.


  • You don’t have the option to lock the rocking mechanism on the Reese power reclining sofa.
  • Cup holders would have made for a more comfortable chair if you love watching TV
  • It might be big for a small patio space

Frequently asked questions about the La-Z-Boy Reese Recliner

Does the chair assist the person in it to rise to a standing position?

No, this recliner doesn’t raise when you want to get up from it.

Is this a wall hugger recliner? If not, how much space should I leave between it and the wall?

It is not a wall-hugging recliner, we recommend leaving around 15 inches between the recliner and the wall.

How powerful is the USB port?

The dual power USB port will be able to charge your phone while you’re using it just as a regular power outlet would.

What you must know about this recliner

We found out that, again, this recliner is way cheaper on Amazon than on the manufacturer’s website.

The understated sofa is in no way different than the one on their website, the only difference being that there you’ll have more color choices but it still offers the same comfortable design.

We recommend buying it from Amazon in order to save over $300.00! (This is the difference at the time of writing, the price is subjective to change)

View on Amazon

Now that we reviewed some of their best-selling recliners let’s get more in-depth about the two manufacturers individually.

Jackson Catnapper vs La-Z-Boy

It is obvious that when we’re looking to buy home furniture we want to know as much as we can about the manufacturers, their history and differences.

First, we will tell you about each one’s history and after that, we will be comparing the comfort, durability, affordability, and warranty.

Let’s get to work:

La-Z-Boy History

The whole company started back in 1927 when Edwin J. Shoemaker and Edward M. Knabusch created the reclining wood-slat chair which was made to be put on the porch in the summer.

The problem was that nobody would buy it in the cold seasons and that gave them an idea… to upholster it and make it a living room recliner.

And this is how La-Z-Boy started.

Fun fact: The company created a contest because it was hard to come up with a great name. The company almost ended up choosing the name Sit-N-Snooze right before someone came up with La-Z-Boy.

Learn more about La-Z-Boy’s history on its website.

Jackson Catnapper History

Jackson Catnapper was founded in 1933 in the middle of the Great Depression by W. Ray Jackson when he was 30 years old with just $30 in his pocket.

The history of the Catnapper is a complete business success story that inspires many entrepreneurs even today.

Since then the company was family-run and today it remains focused in the USA with 6 factories and over 1,500 dedicated employees.

Learn more about Jackson Catnapper’s history on its website.


The comfort these manufacturers provide is outstanding and to be honest with you it’s hard to compare. Both manufacturers have a large product range with a focus on comfort, and it would be impossible to compare every recliner.

We feel safe to say that both companies mastered the art of comfort and you will have a pleasing premium experience with both of them. Most of their chairs are ideal for cozy family nights

One thing that we’ve noticed with the recliners in our list is that the ones made by Catnapper are slightly softer than the ones made by La-Z-Boy.  This is probably because the padded seat has more cushioning.  Some do however prefer a one-piece seat that offers a little bit more firmness.


Durability is one of the most important things when buying furniture and both manufacturers make recliners that will last for over 20 years, if not a lifetime.

But when it comes to durability we have to say that La-Z-Boy wins.


La-Z-Boy is the only recliner manufacturer that uses a uni-body frame construction. This means that all 4 sides of the recliner benefit from a sturdy panel, unlike other competitors on the market which only use 3 panels.


Affordability is another great factor that can influence your decision when buying a new recliner.

Both manufacturers sell recliners that can range from $300 to over $2,000, so it has an option available for every budget.  And their budget range also offers a great blend of comfort.

One thing we’ve noticed that we want to point out again in this article is that La-Z-Boy ‘s prices differ when checking on Amazon and when checking on their website, the products being cheaper on Amazon Product Advertising.


Both manufacturers care about their customers and the warranties they offer are generous.

La-Z-Boy Warranty

  • Lifetime warranty on reclining mechanism’s parts.
  • Lifetime warranty on the springs & spring system.
  • One-year warranty on the fabric and leather.
  • Lifetime warranty on the metal, swivel, and wooden bases.
  • Lifetime warranty on the electrical parts and motors.

For more information about the warranty provided by La-Z-Boy visit their website.

Jackson Catnapper Warranty

  • Lifetime warranty on the frame.
  • One-year warranty on the sleeper mechanism.
  • Lifetime warranty on the springs.
  • Five years warranty on the comfort coil seat cushions.
  • Lifetime warranty on the recliner mechanism.
  • One year warranty on all the other parts.

For more information about the warranty provided by Jackson Catnapper visit their website.

Jackson Catnapper vs La-Z-Boy Conclusion

It’s safe to say that both manufacturers are among the best on the market and comparing them is absurd sometimes.  We love both of these chairs with their easygoing styles and their fantastic comfort features like deep seat cushions.

It doesn’t matter which one you choose, in both variants, you’ll enjoy a premium experience and a great blend of comfort, among high-quality materials and great customer support/warranty from the furniture industry.

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