Best Office Chair Under 500

The Best Office Chair Under 500 Dollars

Office chairs seem to have taken a huge leap these past five years because lately, the market has been stormed with some pretty interesting chairs. Today, you can find office chairs with all sorts of advanced ergonomic features. Functions like adjustable headrests, 4D armrests, height-adjustable seats, and adjustable lumbar support all can be very handy for reducing back pain while sitting for long hours on end. But all of these features can make it difficult to choose the right one.

In this buyer’s guide, we attempt to make your decision a little bit easier because we are going to help you find the best office chair under 500 dollars.

Things To Consider When Buying an Office Chair

Office chairs come with all sorts of ergonomic features. Many of these features are nice to have. There are however some features you just can’t cope without. Here is a quick look at the most important features to look out for when you are upgrading your office chair.

Good Build Quality

Office chairs are supposed to last many years. No one wants to finally find a great and comfortable chair only to have it break down within the first six months of use. When you are shopping around, always go for the chair with a quality build. Quality features like a steel frame, good quality materials, and a large maximum weight capacity are all indicators that the chair will last a long time. You can also keep an eye out for a warranty. Chairs with a good warranty are usually made from higher-quality materials.


Poor posture is one of the biggest factors that cause back pain. And one of the most common reasons people adopt bad posture is because of their office chairs. Your office chair should be height adjustable so your feet can be placed flat on the ground. The armrests should adjust s you can comfortably rest your forearms to reduce strain on your shoulders. Adjustable lumbar support is also a very important feature if you suffer from lower back pain or sciatica pain. Finally, it is also important to get a chair that can recline or at least tilt back up to 135 degrees since most people find this recline angle great for relieving back pain.

Chair Seat Materials

A firm chair is important but if your chair is too hard, your tailbone and hips will soon start to ache. Find a chair with lots of padded seat or a mesh seat. Mesh chair backrests are also preferable to solid chair backrests because the breathable fabric will keep you nice and cool on warm days and keeps your back from getting all soggy.

Weight Capacity

This is one of the most important features to keep an eye out for when you go shopping for a new chair. Some chairs are only designed to handle a certain amount of weight. If you sit on a chair with a low weight capacity, the chair isn’t likely to last very long. Finding a chair with a large weight limit can sometimes be tough since many office chairs are designed to handle only up to 250 pounds.

Find the Best Office Chair under 500 Dollars Here

Expensive chairs usually come with various nice features. But for 500 dollars, you can get a pretty good office chair. With this type of budget in mind, we are now going to review chairs within this price range that have the best buyer ratings and the most sought-after office chair features. Here is a quick look at the 8 best chairs to get right now.

1. The Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair – The Overall Best Office Chair Under $500

Best Office Chair Under 500This top-rated ergonomic office chair under 500 dollars is our top pick because it offers numerous ergonomic features and it has the most positive buyer ratings. Over 4,400 people bought and loved this advanced office chair and when you take a look at its specs, it becomes pretty clear why everyone loves it so much.

The office chair is only available in black and features a sleek design with a mesh backrest, thick padded seat with waterfall edge, and an aluminum metal base that is fitted with easy glide wheels that allow you to smoothly glide around in front of your desk.

The high-quality office is perfect for back pain sufferers because it has many adjustment options that can help you achieve proper posture. The adjustable headrest can move up and down or tilt forward and back. The backrest offers various levels of adjustability since it reclines back from 90 up to 120 degrees, the armrests are fully adjustable, and the multi-way lumbar support can move up and down or in and out and the seat is height adjustable.

With so many features, you can set your high-end chair to suit the natural contours of your body so you can ease tension and pain while you work.


  • Chair dimensions – 23.6 x 26 x 42 Inches
  • Item weight – 44.6 Pounds
  • Color – Black
  • Main materials – Mesh backrest, upholstered seat, and metal base
  • Max weight capacity – 330 Pounds
  • Tilt / Recline – 90 – 120 Degrees tilt mechanism
  • Seat height – 16.9 – 20.8 Inches
  • Lumbar support – Multi-way lumbar for up and down or in and out movement
  • Armrests – Fully adjustable arms
  • Footrest – None
  • Other – Upholstered height-adjustable headrest


  • The lower maximum seat height is perfect for short people
  • It is a very durable high-end chair
  • The mesh backrest is strong and offers good support
  • It offers good day comfort for long work hours
  • Assembly instructions are easy to follow
  • The metal base feels very sturdy
  • The adjustable armrests can help reduce neck pain
  • The casters are very quiet on the floor
  • Overall, the affordable chair has lots of adjustment options


  • Some users find the armrests a bit high
  • The chair can have a chemical smell when freshly opened
  • Armrests can feel a bit wobbly

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2. The Nouhaus Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair – The Runner up Office Chair under $500

Best Office Chair Under 500The Nouhaus Ergo3D chair is our runner-up because it also has many positive buyer ratings and it features a lot of ergonomic features at a good price.

This mesh office chair looks very futuristic with its split backrest and mesh backrest. You can get this chair in four different colors and enjoy good comfort since the tilt mechanism of the chair can tilt up to 135 degrees back, the seat height can adjust, it has tilt tension control, the headrest adjusts, it has 4D armrests and the dynamic lumbar support is ideal for reducing lower back pain.

The task chair also has a sturdy design thanks to its metal base and quality blade castors that allow you to glide smoothly and easily across any type of floor surface.

If you love this chair then you can also take a peek at our other guide; Top 7 Best Serta Office Chairs – Ultimate Review. We are quite sure that you will also love the chairs we have on this list.


  • Chair dimensions – 26.4 x 26.4 x 53.7 Inches
  • Item weight – 46.3Pounds
  • Color – Blue, black, burgundy, and grey
  • Main materials – Mesh backrest, upholstered seat, and metal base
  • Max weight capacity – 275 Pounds
  • Tilt / Recline – Up to 135 degrees
  • Rock function – With tilt tension control
  • Lumbar support – Fixed firm lumbar
  • Armrests – 4D armrests
  • Footrest – None
  • Seat size – 19.7 x 16.3 Inches
  • Other – Adjustable headrest  and adjustable height


  • The tilt tension control gives you good reclining comfort
  • The taller backrest is ideal for taller users
  • Some users find it helpful for reducing back pain or sciatica pain
  • The caster wheels are made from high-quality materials
  • The adjustable arms are very sturdy for maximum comfort
  • The mesh seat and backrest keeps you nice and cool
  • The mesh creates a floating feel
  • The dynamic lumbar support is helpful for reducing back pain
  • You can get this task chair in a wide range of color choices


  • Some find  the seat width a bit too narrow
  • The mesh backrest might not offer enough support for everyone
  • The headrest doesn’t lock at angles but is height adjustable

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3. The Downx Gaming Chair – The Best Massage Chair with Footrest under $500

Best Office Chair Under 500The Downx Gaming chair is one of the best Reclining Office Chairs with Footrest and is an excellent choice for anyone.  This racing seat chair has a bucket seat design and it is covered in gorgeous PU leather upholstery that features unique stitching in the backrest.

The high-quality chair has lots of thick padding all over and especially in the seat region to help you stay comfortable when sitting for long periods of time. It is the most comfortable chair on our list because it has a removable little headrest, a lumbar cushion with massage function, and a little footrest that can kick out when you recline the seat up to 170 degrees for a quick nap.

The gaming chair is an excellent choice and is often chosen as an executive office chair because of its stylish ergonomic design. This gorgeous chair is available in four different colors and is our top pick if you are looking for a chair that has the ‘wow’ factor.


  • Chair dimensions – 23 x 20 x 55 Inches
  • Item weight – 49 Pounds
  • Color – Black, brown, grey, or wine red
  • Main materials – Faux leather fabric and plastic with an aluminum base
  • Max weight capacity – 360 Pounds
  • Tilt / Recline – 90 – 170 Degree recline
  • Rock function – 15 Degree rocking
  • Seat height – 18 – 22 Inches
  • Lumbar support – Height adjustable lumbar cushion
  • Armrests – Fixed padded arms
  • Footrest – Retractable footrest
  • Other – Removable headrest and massaging lumbar cushion and adjustable seat height


  • Available in four different color choices
  • The maximum seat height is perfect for taller users
  • The comfortable seat is nice and wide
  • The stitching is done perfectly
  • The faux leather is easy to wipe clean
  • The armrests have padding for optimal comfort
  • The seat cushion offers lots of support
  • The ergonomic chair base has a sturdy design
  • A neck pillow will keep you nice and comfortable in the upright position


  • The pleather can squeak or feel chilly
  • The neck pillow doesn’t always stay in place
  • The backrest isn’t breathable enough

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4. The Xeur Ergonomics Office Chair – The Best Office Chair for Sciatica

Best Office Chair Under 500The Xeur office chair is our top pick for people with sciatica pain that want something affordable and functional. This standard office chair looks very stylish with its breathable backrest, soft padded upholstered seat, upholstered headrest, and its many innovative features.

The tall executive chair will help you reduce back pain since it can move up and down so you can get a perfect sitting position. The mesh backrest will keep you nice and cool on warm days and the multi-adjustable lumbar support can move up and down or in and out so you can get the needed support for reducing back tension. The arms are adjustable so you can find a good arm position and reduce shoulder or neck pain.

This piece of furniture has a strong base thanks to its metal construction and large smooth-gliding caster wheels. The large caster wheels are perfect for most floor and carpet surfaces but for particularly thick carpets, it is best to get best chair mat for heavy person so you can keep the carpet fibers out of your wheels.


  • Chair dimensions – 28.35 x 26.97 x 51.18 Inches
  • Item weight – 45.7 Pounds
  • Color – Black
  • Main materials – Mesh material backrest, upholstered seat, and steel base
  • Tilt / Recline – 109 – 126 Degrees
  • Rock function – Spring-loaded backrest
  • Seat height – 43 – 53 Centimetres
  • Lumbar support – Multi-adjustable lumbar
  • Armrests – Height adjustable padded arms
  • Footrest – None
  • Seat size – 53 x 45 Centimetres
  • Other – Multi-angle adjustable headrest


  • The back tilt adjusts into a comfortable position
  • The spring-loaded backrest creates a rock function
  • The chair caster wheels are made from good quality materials
  • The chair is comfortable enough for long hours working hours
  • You can recline the chair and take a nap
  • The stylish chair is easy to assemble
  • It has a sturdy design
  • All tilting and lifting positions are easy to operate
  • Lots of adjustable features
  • Offers good day comfort


  • The headrest might be a bit too low for some users
  • Some buyers feel that the upright position isn’t straight enough

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5.The Hon Ignition 2.0 Mid-Back Office Chair – Best Office Chair under 400 Dollars

Best Office Chair Under 500The Hon Ignition office chair is an excellent choice for tall users because it has a high backrest and at 23 inches, the maximum chair height is higher than your average chair.

It is also a terrific chair for corporate use since it features a sleek design. It is only available in two colors and the sturdy mesh backrest is perfect for keeping you cool and comfortable in warm climates. The thickly padded foam seat is sure to keep you nice and cozy during long work hours.

Unlike expensive chairs, this chair doesn’t offer the most adjustable features since the lumbar support is fixed and it doesn’t come with a headrest. But the height-adjustable seat and adjustable armrests still offer plenty of conveniences. The standard office chair also features innovative features like 360-degree swivel casters allowing you to smoothly glide over hard floors or short pile carpets.


  • Chair dimensions – 28.5 x 27 x 44.5 Inches
  • Item weight – 24 Pounds
  • Color – Black or fog
  • Main materials – Mesh backrest, upholstered seat, and plastic
  • Max weight capacity – 300 Pounds
  • Tilt / Recline – Customized back recline with lock feature
  • Seat height – 17 – 23 Inches
  • Lumbar support – Fixed firm lumbar support
  • Armrests – Adjustable arms
  • Footrest – None
  • Seat size – 20 x 19 Inches
  • Other – 360 Degrees swivel


  • The adjustable lumbar support is removable
  • The stretchy backrest conforms to your back
  • The thick foam seat is nice and comfortable
  • The cheap office chair offers many adjustable features
  • The casters roll easily and smoothly without creating friction
  • The modern chair is available in different colors
  • The seat can travel forward or back or can be locked into position
  • The backrest is nice and breathable for optimal comfort
  • Affordable price range


  • It is a bit pricey
  • The lumbar support is not the strongest
  • The plastic base may snap if the weight limit is exceeded

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6.The Steelcase Series 1 Work Office Chair – The Best Standard Office Chair Under $500

Best Office Chair Under 500The Steelcase Series 1 is the best gaming chair for short persons because it has a lower seat height than your average office chair and it features an attractive design. You can set this chair at a minimum height of 16.5 inches which is practical for shorter people who want to have both feet on the ground.

This quality chair is also a great pick for businesses because it is available in 12 different colors and features a modern design. With so many colors to choose from, you can find the perfect pick for your office or you can create a very bright office space by combining their variety of yellow, turquoise, orange, and lime-colored chairs.

These standard office chairs are also a solid option for guest seating since they can carry a lot of weight with their 400 bodyweight limit.

The chair is not the cheapest on the market because it comes with various ergonomic features. You can adjust the lumbar height, seat height, and armrests.  We are not quite sure whether the chair reclines or tilts but it does have carpet-friendly casters so you can smoothly glide even on carpeted floors.


  • Chair dimensions – 23.75 x 27 x 41.25 Inches
  • Item weight – 29 Pounds
  • Color – Huge Variety of Colors
  • Main materials – Mesh backrest and polyester upholstery with plastic base
  • Max weight capacity – 400 Pounds
  • Seat height – 16.5 – 21.5 Inches
  • Lumbar support – Adjustable lumbar
  • Armrests – Fully adjustable arms
  • Footrest – None
  • Seat size – 19.5 x 15.5 – 17.75 Inches (Adjustable width)


  • You can choose from a huge variety of colors
  • Perfect for companies who need a lot of office chairs in office colors
  • The ergonomic chair is designed with 4D armrests
  • The adjustable lumbar support can help reduce back pain
  • Affordable price range
  • The seat height is perfect for average height people
  • Very easy to assemble and is often delivered fully assembled
  • The mesh backrest is very breathable and prevents sweating on warm summer days


  • Seat depth is not adjustable
  • Adjusting the lumbar support can be tricky
  • Some users find the bucket seat design a bit uncomfortable

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7.The SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair – Best Office Chair with Headrest under $500

The Sidiz desk chair is considered the best office chaiBest Office Chair Under 500r for back pain because it also features numerous adjustable features.  One of its most outstanding features is its adjustable seat depth. Where the other chairs on our list have a fixed seat, this one has a reclinable seat and can move in and out from its backrest.

Its key features include height adjustment, the armrest height adjusts, the seat depth adjusts, the lumbar support height adjusts, and even the headrest can tilt forward or backward. This chair can even recline or tilt backward into five different positions and it features tilt tension control.

We also love the attractive design of this popular chair. It is available in three different color combinations and the mesh backrest along with its light-colored base offers a very sleek overall look.

The Sidiz is a perfect chair for average height users but it can also be practical for taller people since it does have a tall backrest and a very good maximum seat height.


  • Chair dimensions – 27 x 27 x 49 Inches
  • Item weight – 49 Pounds
  • Color – Black, grey and blue
  • Main materials – Mesh backrest, upholstered seat, and plastic with aluminum base
  • Tilt / ReclineBackrest tilt backward up to 5 positions
  • Rock function – Back rock function
  • Seat height – 18.1 – 21.5 Inches
  • Lumbar support – Adjustable lumbar support
  • Armrests – 3 Way Adjustable Arms
  • Footrest – None
  • Seat size – 19.9 x 18.9 Inches
  • Other – Headrest included and it has adjustable seat depth


  • The headrest makes the chair more suitable for tall people
  • The chair has a slope feature that reduces pressure on your thighs
  • The upholstery is T50 tested for flammability
  • The stylish chair rolls quietly
  • It has a  quality mesh backrest
  • The seat is very comfortable with thick padding
  • All adjustable features are easy to use
  • The arm support can move up and down
  • The adjustable lumbar support can help prevent sciatica pain


  • Recliner does not lock into place
  • Not the cheapest chair
  • The seat cushion could have been better

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8.The CINNIC Ergonomic Desk Chair – Best Office Chair under $300

Best Office Chair Under 500The Cinnic desk chair is the best gaming chair for tall persons but it can also be practical for individuals of average height.

The cheap office chair features a tall backrest and the seat height is adjustable to up to 23.2 inches which are higher than your average office chair. It also features a tilting headrest so all users can get that extra bit of height.

The mesh chair is designed with a mesh backrest with a tall high-back design to keep you cool on warm summer days, it has an upholstered seat with a W design that promotes healthy sitting posture and the metal base is nice and sturdy.

The adjustable chair features a sturdy lumbar support design and the backrest can recline back so you can rest while you take a break from work. An adjustable seat height also allows you to put your feet flat on the ground so you can sit in a healthy posture.

The sleek design of this budget office chair makes it practical for office use. It will fit in very well with any modern or even classic perfect office décor and it is a perfect budget investment for home offices.


  • Chair dimensions – 20 x 15 x 15 Inches
  • Item weight – 46 Pounds
  • Color – Black
  • Main materialsContoured mesh backrest, upholstered seat, and metal base
  • Max weight capacity – 300 Pounds
  • Tilt / Recline – Adjustable tilt (90 – 125 Degrees)
  • Seat height – 19.2 – 23.2 Inches
  • Lumbar support – Adjustable backrest with lumbar support available
  • Armrests – 3D armrests can rise up
  • Footrest – None
  • Seat size – 18.5 x 19.6 Inches
  • Other – Height adjustable mesh headrest with good headrest height


  • The armrests can rock slightly if you loosen the bolt at the base
  • The armrests can rotate in and out
  • The back support feels very good
  • The ergonomic chair can be assembled in under 20 minutes
  • The padded foam seat is nice and thick
  • The seat has a W design to support healthy posture
  • The 300-pound bodyweight limit is perfect for larger people
  • It has lots of ergonomic features


  • Some buyers would prefer a larger seat
  • The seat is a bit firm
  • Only available in one color

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Buying Guide

After seeing so many great office chairs, you probably feel a bit confused. Which one should you buy when so many of these chairs offer so many good features? If you have a tough time deciding then perhaps the following guides or tips can help you make the right decision.

The Best Budget Chair 

The Cinnic Ergonomic chair is one of the most affordable on our list with the Xuer Ergonomics chair not far behind as another good budget option. Both of these chairs will look great in your office and will offer good comfort at a great price.

The Best Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support

If you struggle with back pain then you should look for a chair that has adjustable lumbar support. The Duramont office chair is our top pick since this one’s lumbar support can move up and down or it can be adjusted in and out.

The Xuer office chair also has an ergonomic lumbar design and is a great budget pick for people with sciatica pain.

We also recommend the Sidiz office chair and the Steelcase Series 1 since these also come with adjustable back supports.

The Chair with The Best Casters

A chair with ergonomic features won’t help you much if it keeps getting stuck in the carpet fibers or if it doesn’t offer smooth gliding across the floor. Office chairs with a metal base and blade design wheels tend to be more durable since these castors are pretty tough. There are quite a few on our list that is specially designed for smooth gliding like the Duramont office chair, the Nouhaus Ergo3D, Hon Ignition office chair, and the Xuer office chair. These four chairs are the best if you need something with a sturdy base that can handle lots of wear and use.


The Most Comfortable Office Chair

Most of these chairs on our list are pretty comfortable but we do feel that the Dowinx gaming chair has a little bit of extra in terms of comfort. This chair has the deepest reclining angle, it has a little footrest that kicks out and the lumbar cushion can massage your back. This chair would have been our top pick if it has a more breathable backrest and better casters.  But it certainly is a good pick if you want something gorgeous and comfy to sit in when you work.

The Most Colorful Office Chair

Most office chairs are available in either black, white, or grey. While these are great colors for your average office, some users would prefer something a bit brighter. The Steelcase office chair is our top pick if you want to add a splash of color to your home office since it is available in 12 different colors and it offers many ergonomic features.

You can also consider the NouHaus chair since this one is available in four colors or the Dowinx chair because you can also get it in four different colors.

The Best Chair for Big Guys

Fat people can consider the Steelcase chair. This chair isn’t the best for tall users but it has an enormous weight limit of up to 400 pounds.

Tall big guys can however opt for the Downix gaming chair since this chair can handle up to 360 pounds of body weight, it has a tall backrest and the maximum seat height is nice and high.

Final Thoughts 

We do hope that our guide helped you find the best office chair under 500 dollars so you can sit comfortably even when spending many hours in front of a computer screen. If you are also in the market for other quality chairs like gaming chairs, Livingroom chairs, or pregnancy chairs then you should have a look at some of our other guides. On ChairWiki, we can help you find a good chair for every type of room or building.

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